Diamond Set

55.00 USD

The debut of the brand went hand in hand with the launch of the first set of brushes called Diamond Set. Contains 7 brushes and a diamond sponge. The diamonds you see on the handle of the brush are made of pressed and polished acrylic to obtain the final shine of a real diamond. The hair of our brushes is synthetic, it imitates the quality of natural hair with its softness and function. The brushes can be adjusted to the needs of the user, since they are created in such a way that each brush can be multipurpose.


  • Large fluffy brush (Powder / Blush)
  • Large Flat Cutting Brush (Diffuser)
  • Large Angular Brush (Contour / Illuminator)
  • Fluffy Girl Brush (Shadow Smudge)
  • Round Toe Girl Brush # 1 (Concealer)
  • Round Toe Girl Brush # 2 (Shadow)
  • Precision Angular Girl Brush (Eyebrows / Eyeliner)
  • Makeup sponge (Diamond Sponge)



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